Faculty & Class Memory Responses

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Who was your favorite faculty member and why?


  • I had Chase Simmons for English... I really liked him and he was very Left of Center! He was a hippie before Hippies and was a Druid. I respected his independence.  ~Brent Bolster '66
  • Mr. Kramm... 12th grade physics... ignited my passionate interest in the physical sciences that became and remained the core of my professional career and many of my avocational interests for the rest of my life... and which endures unabated in the present day.  ~Cal Hickey, Class of 1965
  • Definitely Mr. Blackwell, and WHS concert choir. He trained us to perform in a way that created music well beyond what many of us were capable of in another setting. That experience gave me an understanding of what the very best in education can be and I will always be grateful to Mr. Blackwell and the choir. I still get chills when I think of it.   ~Cindy Crown '69
  • My favorite teacher was Mr. Bachman. He was a very passionate French teacher, and he influenced me to become one myself. I would love to be able to thank Mr Bachman, in person. Please help me to make this possible. Marilyn Lavietes Holland Class of 1966
  • Mr. Boner (Chemistry), Mr. Ochse (Social Studies), and Mr. Nueslein (Latin). No Particular reason, they just stand out in my head.  ~Joe Riesett, 1965
  • Mr. Beebe in 10th grade World History. I had no idea what he was talking about until February, then it all clicked. He taught me to think.  ~Barry Wendell, 1967.
  • Glen Fickel,English- He taught me to love and understand the importance of the English language and "FORCED" (blackmailed) me into joining the dramatics club. Both things have been highly influencial on my career and any success I've realized and Ernstein Kriebel (pardon the spelling) American History. "Not to study History is to be doomed to repeat it". I thought history was a waste of time, she taught me to love it and appreciate it. Earl Crown 65 
  • As a journalism student and then News Editor of the paper, Mr Simmons gave us a hall pass to get out of class. I fondly remember hanging out on the hill facing the Social Security building with Sharon Lauver (who was the photographer) and talking about life. Also used that pass to go to the bookroom and neck with Cliff Frohlich, class of 1965 who worked there his senior year. (maybe I need to keep the author anonymous?) Thank you Mr Simmons.
  • Mr Kramm made physics interesting- Dayan Wescott '67
  • Funniest memory cannot be revealed....only Chris (Mendelson) Whittenberger, and I know what it was .......something to do with a French teacher- Miche Reid '65
  • James Blackwell. The best choir director ever. Jeanne Hall Tracht '66
  • Principal's name was Taylor F. Johnston. I used to sign yearbooks on his bald head saying it was the biggest empty space I could find!- Joe Riesett - 65

First class of 12th grade english was with Ms. Sylvester where she introduced us to Geoffrey Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales. Realizing I did not belong there, I immediately transferred to Mr. Terry's class. What a relief and for the first time I was taught to really appreciate reading as a necessity and as a pass time. What a subtle but enduring impact he made on me.-Walstrum

I remember "Senior Thing" when a bunch of us performed a ballet. Wayne Snyder, Gary Trayer, Phil Sanders and David Blacker all wore tutus with their hairy chests exposed. I was in ballet tights with a wisp of hair tinted gray. At the end it turned into a whipped cream pie in the face fight with no one spared. I still have a picture (taken by Bill Morgenstern) of me chasing Mr. Rivera, our class advisor, across the stage pie in hand. In no particular order, I also remember us beating Milford Mill 70 to 50 in my last basketball game at Woodlawn, cruising Champs in my first car(a '54 baby blue Ford convertible with pink and black interior),Kathy Schilling as the Warrior's squaw,"Pop" Freeny,coach Beach, Rick Pizarro,Gwynn Oak, Young Life, Arabrab Trah aka "Thumper", "Powder Puff" football (with Wayne, Gary, and Phil dressing up as female cheerleaders) and many other fond memories.- Jerry Caltrider '66

By far the best teacher I had was Clarence Brown for Civics. He pushed the envelope every day and make us think in color, not just black and white. He was enthusiastic, outspoken, proactive, and challenged our way of thinking at every turn. There should be more like him. A close second was Mr. Hege for English. He pressed us to speak our minds about what we were reading and could lead us into great discussions about great works of literature.- Frank Kohler 68

I remember sitting in the back row of Clarence Beebe's class with Sue Hoch and enjoying his many antics- Janet Crisalli-'67

Steve Bair (65) remembers Mr. Terry as his favorite, (did you know that he just retired with 50 years of service?)

  • My favorite faculty member at WHS was Mr. Osche. He brought American History alive by talking about the personal lives of our founding fathers. Interesting story- I often wondered why he left after only 2 years of teaching. Well, Joyce Evans and I were at the Ocean Club at A dance in about 1996 and an acquaintance of ours who lived there said oh there is Bill Osche. I said Bill Osche , I had a teacher named Bill Osche in high school . So we went over and were introduced to him. It was him and we told him how much we enjoyed his class and asked why he left. Well, he came to Ocean City and Started a business called " The Kite Loft" !!!!Since then he has retired and sold it but it sure made him a pretty penny!!
    Teri Birely Judge '65
  • Does anyone else remember the principal on the intercom every school day "Today is Tuesday, Follow Tuesday's schedule All Day." Perhaps I dreamed it, I only remember those things that are important in my life. -Bill Loomis '65

    • Mr. Kelbaugh was my physical science teacher. He was always funny,down to earth and inspired my interest in science. Mr. Romeo, business math teacher was very nice. Mr. Finkle (our drama teacher) taught me english. He encouraged me to write about my experiences which he always said were "more interesting" than those "smart" students. - Bob Armstrong '65

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    Joseph Riesett 

    Weren't the announcements done by Vice Principal George Walburn?

Where was your favorite place to go after school? Did you have a favorite hangout with friends?

  • Most will surely remember the many nights driving around at Champs and the Varsity in Catonsville. It was a local hangout for many Warriors.  ~Jan Speak '65
  • Loved walking home with my friends from the choir, singing at the top of our lungs in multi-part harmony, without a shred of self-consciousness or embarrassment - sheer joy!  ~Cindy Crown '69  
  • Just hung out in the neighborhood, or when I started running track that took a lot of after school hours.  ~Joe Riesett
  • Buddy Dean record hops at Milford Mill Swim Club.  ~Randall Russin
  • Varsity and Champs.  ~Bob Swann '65
  • Sid Mandell's at Woodmoor Shopping Center.   ~Barry Wendell, 1967
  • Woodlawn Pharmacy for a cherry Coke! Chapman's for candy. - Jeanne Hall Tracht '66
  • I survived track coach Estes!- Nick Tracht '65
  • Gail Townshend and I went to Reisterstown Road Plaza in search of fabric to sew something on Saturday mornings. We would come back to my home and sew something. I was always designing something and later in life - costumes, draperies, shades, bedspreads, etc. I still sew. - Susan Nolley
  • CHAMPS for sure-Steve Bair (65)
  • After school I frequently watched the Buddy Dean show. Often we would go to the pharmacy in Woodlawn to have a soda or milkshake at the counter there. -Armstrong '65

Does anyone remember the theme and group that played at your Senior Prom?

  • Class of 65: the theme was "The Twelfth of Never"   ~Jan Speak '65
  • I can't remember anything except my date and my dress, and I'm pretty sure we went to Sharon Mills' house for breakfast.  ~Cindy Crown '69  
  • I too think our Senior Prom theme was "Try to Remember" Class of '65  ~Christine (Whittenberger) Mendelson
  • I do remember that I took Beverly Lowenstein. Remember the Jr. prom more since was involved with decorating.  ~Joe Riesett 1965 
  • I think it was "Evening In Paris." Sweltering hot in the gym. I convinced our committee and advisers to have a rock band. I think it was the first time in Woodlawn's history.  ~Barry Wendell, 1967
  • Woodlawn and especially Woodlawn Pharmacy. Also, like everyone, Champs and Varsity- Earl Crown, '65
  • I was mesmerized by the 1967 Senior Musical put on by the amazing Steve Dorff. That evening said it all.- Susan Nolley AND FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW STEVE DORFF, LOOK AT HIS PROFILE, HE IS AN AMAZING MUSICIAN, COMPOSER FOR MOVIES, TV SHOWS THAT YOU WILL RECOGNIZE


What was your favorite thing (or ride) at Gwynn Oak Amusement Park? Did you ever ice skate on the pond in Woodlawn, who remembers the swans? Share your stories about these two places.

Always liked the boats and the Dixie Ballroom. Kim Jordan 1965 

Since I lived just a few minutes away, I was there often. I loved riding the horses, the rollercoaster, and Tilt-A-Whirl. I skated in the pond often, saw the swans. We had a large woods behind my home on Montbel Avenue so we tended to skate there. - Susan Nolley

Bumper cars-my aunt lived right across the street from GOAP. We often watched the swans from her front porch.

Steve Bair, 1965 

My favorite thing about Gwynn Oak Amusement Park was Dollar Night, when you could ride everything you wanted all night for the admission price of only a dollar.  I remember being so disappointed when the park closed. 
Fran Galiano Hughes '64.

The  penny arcade was where I hung out. We used to spend hours there joking around, talking and playing the pinball machines. - Armstrong, Bob '65

Did you drive (or ride) to school in your own (or a friends) car? What do you remember about the car, model, color, year, anything special about it? Did you have a pet name for your car? Where was your favorite place to go in the car (drive-in movies, etc.) (no back seat stories please!)

That car has come and gone. Wish I still had it. Actually I sold it to Jon Twigg and I traded the mag wheels to Mel Stevenson for a motorcycle- (Rod Sanders about his '55 Chevy with mag wheels!)

I rode to school with my boyfriend (George Anderson-65) in his "SuperDud-6" a 50s something old black Chevy with one of those velour back seats that were more like a sofa with a small back window. Edmondson Drive-In movies was the typical date night-Anonymous

I had several cars at WHS. My favorite was my 1957 Ford Fairlane 500, green and white with a Hurst shifter. I liked it so much, that I have one now that is restored to the way it was in 1965. Edmondson Drive-In, Champs, Varsity, Price's Dairy (Liberty Road) and the Gino's on Liberty Road were favorite haunts. Kim Jordan 1965 

Champs and the Double T Diner were favorites mentione by many classmates!

Are there any classmates that stand out in your recall and why? (Funny, athletic, "a hunk or a babe," super talented, very smart, always friendly, etc.)

CAROLE BROWNING- 'sweet'- Steve Bair (65)

One thing I remember was Charles Winkelman "Wink" had to carry me to the nurse's office after I fainted in class. Thanks Wink!- Sandy Walton Walker

I remember you sweet Phyllis Sassi (64) with fondness, but what I remember most is that she came to see me the night of my Prom. I graduated a year later than her, and she brought me a gift!! A very nice pretty necklace with a blue stone. I still have it and the fond memory of your special kindness. . :) Harriet Banahan Bishop '65

I really liked our classmates!!! I look at our yearbook and remember so many kindnesses especially in my junior year (1966) when my classmates carried my books as I was in a foot cast.- Susan Nolley '67

My 1956 Chevy "Poison Ivy" Green. Lots of modifications done in the WHS Auto Shop class.  Edmondson Drive In of course- Bob Swann 65' 

1958 Volvo 444 with flames on the fenders and hood- Steve Bair (65).

RE: Dottie Huggins-A really special mother, friend and woman, I think of her often and really miss her, she brought light into every room, always caring and fun!!!! Everything about Woodlawn, school and area, remind me of Dottie. - Sharon Ropka Maben(65)

My favorite place to go was Woodlawn Teen Center to be with girls and dance. On a date (which were infrequent in high school), going to Milford Mill for a WCAO record hop or to hear a band were my favorites. - Bob Armstrong '65

Other Memories:

RE: Albert Angenkommenfanger running for class president in 64 (he still exists, but no one knows who he is and he is lurking out there on our site!....Come on Albert, tell us who you are, we're not buying the April 1, 1947 birthday either!

I remember the before class morning pep rallies for Albert - Give me an A, give an L. I don't think we ever got through his name before the bell rang - Nick Tracht 65

Albert Angekommenfanger 

Sigh, Yes Don won, but the election was rigged! Mr. Walburn and Mr. Johnston, were tired of Mrs. Freeny's complaints as well as Mr, Floyd;s overtime to remove my posters, consequently they hired someone to announce my withdrawal. Meantime, I was bound, gagged and held captive in Mr. Cale's Volkswagen bus. It took me weeks to get free, but by that time it was all over. All I could do sulk- Albert '65

I remember having to break the news to my algebra class that President Kennedy had been shot only to learn later in last period Spanish class that he had died.-Phil Ostrander '65

Hey, Bebe! (Kerry Garber) I remember when we were still in the Navy and I came to Florida to visit. You said you wanted to be an optometrist and I'm pleased to see you made it a reality. Having you as my "buddy" in boot camp made it more tolerable and Company 271 would not have been flag company without you. If we both make it to a reunion we will have to hoist one for old times sake. Best Wishes, Jerry Caltrider

Taking four young ladies from my Distributive Education class to Houston for the DE National Convention in 1968. When we went to the closing dinner, I presented them with corsages for their dresses.- Kevin Flynn '68

Steve Mazer 

I have fond memories of Emily Collison, a graduate of the class of '65. She was in the third grade at Woodlawn Elementary when I was in first grade and the year was 1955-'56. She and I both had our classes in the old stone building and the two teachers in that building were Miss Pack and Miss Mack. She used to tell me every morning," Now Honey, don't do anything bad in school today because you don't want to get Miss Pack angry at you. So be good in school today." Well, she never followed any of her own advice. Emily was always getting bawled out by Miss Mack and sent out of the classroom for misbehaving. And when I confronted her as to why she always acts up in class and gets into trouble, she responded with, "Because I'm a bad girl. Just don't let me ever see you acting like that in school." Gee, the mind boggles now at that but at the time I took her seriously. But oh, she was a colorful character and I wish I could reconnect with her so we could laugh about those old times. A few years later, in the sixties, I worked with her older brother Calvin at Gwynn Oak Park. Now, Calvin K. Collison was a great role model for me. Emily, are you out there? Get in touch with me if you can. Steve Mazer

I loved high school. My richest memories are about friendships made through Young Life, sports, school activities and church. Since I lived just a few blocks from school I could participate in just about everything. Studies came pretty easy to me except for RAM-Trig. Harry Perrine helped me through it - we prayed right before class on test days. Harry needed no prayer but I sure did... somehow I passed - thanks again Harry! Playing every girl's sport (I think), I especially loved lacrosse, playing with Joni, Linda, Kathy, Becky and more. Special Young Life memories: Wedneday night Club, Campaigners, Monday 7AM discipleship with our leader Chuck Reinhold, Linda, Becky, Newt, Harry, Ron, Dave, Doug... and more... summer camp, weekend camps, work crew. Woodlawn High School was a safe, welcoming environment where I learned the necessary academics and even more importantly the fundamentals of faith and friendship. Thank you, Wodlawn. A proud Warrior still.- Betsy Sandbower '65


I remember all the fun times cheer leading at the basketball games and the pep rallies.- Sharon Dillon Lauterbach-66

I became interested in writing a book about Don Kemp after I read the bizarre story of his disappearance in the Balto. Sun. That was in the 80's and I jotted down some ideas but never found the time to begin writing. After some encouragement from a co-worker who was a language arts teacher, I began it in 2006. Six years later I finally published it on Amazon. I did much research which included talking to principles in the case. The rest I created to weave a mystery story.- Bob Armstrong '65

Some of my best memories were of Young Life. I had a terrific time at Young Life's Frontier Ranch in Colorado. And I had a lot of fun on the YL weekends in Atlantic City and Natural Bridge, Va. I learned so much about Jesus Christ through Young Life, and accepted Him as my Saviour because of the talks that Chuck Reinhold, and Dick Eckard gave at the YL meetings. The decision I made about Christ changed my life.- Gail Wroten Hosmer 66 (Gail also noted that Joni Eareckson sang at her wedding)

YOUNG LIFE- several people remember the camps or retreats, included among them are Bill Loomis (65), Newt Hetrick (65), Connie Garriott/Darryl Hockstra (67)

School Story:

I came to Woodlawn after 10 years in a Catholic School. It was a hard transition for me but I met many nice friends while at Woodlawn and was glad that my parents decided to let me change schools.  

My funny story is that my Mom and I had an appointment with a Guidance Counselor at Woodlawn during the first month of school because my credits were all screwed up when I transferred from Mt. de Sales and was going from Academic to Business...anyway. Went to school that morning and after homeroom someone, won't mention any names asked me to leave with them and go to breakfast...in order to fit in I decided to go to White Coffee Pot with four girls. We ended up not going back to school all day. When I went home that day my Mom asked how my day went? I said fine and then all "HELL" broke loose when she reminded me that she was at school waiting for me... Oh well I paid for that mistake big time!! One good thing came out of it was the friends that I made! Jacquie Ellis - 67

Jimmy Street was funny. Pinky Kirby was the most friendly,as Sandy Dean, Carolyn Bond and the Arthur Sisters. Sharon Ropka always kidded me. Cal Berman was the loudest and most energetic. Steve Balco was the most happy. Jeff Wood was the most talented in the school band.-Bob Armstrong '65

When I tried out for the lacrosse team, Coach Geise asked me if I was interested in being a goalie. Wanting to play, I said why not. It wasn't until field practice started that he added that he didn't believe a goalie should wear a chest protector. His philosophy was, "if you don't want to get hit, catch the ball". That works for the coach, but obviously he was never a goalie. I never gave it much thought until one day at practice, Jon Twigg (who coincidently had the hardest shot on the team) came up to me in the goal with a grin on his face and said that he would rather hit a goalie than score. Jon was funny that way. Afterwards, I always seemed to have more focus when Jon was on the field- Randy Russin '65