Guess Who?

Okay, here's another "Where's Waldo?" photo. This time see how many classmates you can identify, maybe even find yourself!  

BTW- Did anyone find "Moose" (Bill Schwartz), Donna Rutley, Linda Lundquist, Russ Karpook, or others from our 1965 class listed on the "Missing Classmates" page? If so, please ask them to check out our website and sign up for the reunion!  Just send me your guesses by row number starting at the bottom and then L to R.

Our last 60s reunion, who do you see?  I'm kneeling lower row, 2nd  from left, next to Teri and Carole and Lanny, but no clue who the gentleman is on the far right. I also see Darlene Hammond, Chris Mendelson, Ian Turner....anyone else recognize a familiar face?  Diana Smith

Okay, who was in Mrs Kempner's 5/6th grade class in 1960? That's Joni Eareckson 2nd from right in middle row, there have to be other '66 and '67 WHS grads in this photo.









Can you find this "character" from the class of 1965 and bring him to the reunion??


Can you name these adorable brothers from WHS???