Committee Volunteers and Assignments (as of 8.2.15)


For those who have kindly volunteered for a committee, here is an overview of committee lists and suggestions. If you would still like to volunteer for the activities or have any questions, just drop me a line at


Committee personnel:

Keep in mind that people may begin to arrive early, so let’s be prepared. A cash bar will be available all evening in the Cameo Foyer, and the first hour as we gather and greet, we will be served hors d’oeuvres from 7-8pm. 



Set-up Committee (be in Cameo BALLROOM starting at 5 pm to set out decorations)

  1. Larry Mathena and Sarah Mathena
  2. Linda Sauer Easter and Robert Easter
  3. Decorations committee
  4. Cathy Chandler Culp
  5. Nancy Harwood
  6. Jim Carver and Carol Lettieri 7.

Decorations- table tops- (be in Cameo BALLROOM by 5pm)

We need to recruit more volunteers and donations of items for the tables. My suggestion is to alternate the red and black napkins available by the banquet manager on the white table cloths. I have a variety of items for the table that will be ready to set out, as well as a take home gift for all attendees. Also, I have several people who will arrive at 5pm to help us set up the table decorations. 


1.   Darlene Hammond Ward 

2.   Nancy Harwood 

3.   Cathy Chandler Culp

4.   Diana Duda





Auction committee- (Be in Cameo FOYER by 6:00 pm)

Begin to set up auction items on designated tables, continue to monitor items and ascertain that the donors have all signed a donor form with name/address to receive their tax receipt,

when bidding is closed for the night, finalize bidding sheet with name/address of highest bidder for their receipt. COLLECT the cash/check (no credit cards) and help the bidder to take the item. Why not rotate volunteers every 30 minutes so someone stays at the table if we have valuable items like jewelry that need closer scrutiny?

  1. Newt Hetrick
  2. Connie Garriott Hockstra
  3. Betsy Sandbower
  4. Bill Megary
  5. Phil Ostrander
  6. Harry Perrine
  7. Gail Wroten Hosmer


Greeters (be in Cameo FOYER by 6:15pm)

  1. Pat Kaun (Captain to oversee greeting and registration)
  2. Cindy Crown (69)
  3. Wink  (64)
  4. Ian Turner (65)
  5. Steve Gell (68)
  6. Carol Litteri Carver(67) (also doing 67 photos)
  7. Rod Sanders (65)
  8. Jim Grimm (66)
  9. Jim Carver (68)
  10. Sharon Dillon (66)


Registration table- (be in Cameo FOYER by 6:15 pm)

 (hand-out name tags, direct auction items to auction committee)

  1. George Anderson (65)
  2. Linda Monty Herr (65)
  3. Faith Marks (64) ?????
  4. Donna Williams Winkleman (66)
  5. Lanny Beal (65)


Book signing- (set up at designated table in Cameo FOYER by 6:30pm)

  1. Bob Armstrong- As we gather and enjoy appetizers from 7-8 in the Foyer the , select a 15 minute window as a designated time of your choosing. Maybe leave a sign on the table that indicates the price, shows the book display and that you’ll be signing at …… (use one of those clock signs with moveable hands? “Be back at …”



  1. Ansley Ward- candidate shots that will be posted on the website after the reunion
  2. EVERYONE with a cell phone!  Please post your shots on our site as well. 


DJ and Karaoke (set-up time available from 5pm Cameo BALLROOM)

1. Bryant Brantley


Photo Booth- (set-up time available from 5pm Cameo LOBBY)

Every attendee has the opportunity to use provided props or some they may bring from home, like a letter sweater! A 4-pic card with our WHS logo will be produced as a keepsake every time someone uses the booth. They can returns as many time as they want. One DVD compilation of ALL the photos will be made and I’ll uses this to for post event photos on the website as well as the candid photos taken by Ansley.

1. Photo Box LLC


Poet Laureate- (Part of tribute time, around 8:30-9:00pm or before the 8:00 buffet as part of the intro for the evening as we gather in the ballroom)

1. Lanny Beal



  1. Nicki Waltemeyer Swann- Trivia contest
  2. Cindy Dahlem Vandermolen-
  3. Pat Walton Kaun- Hula Hoops
  4. Sharon Dillon Lauterbach..
  5. Jan Arthur Speak
  6. Mary Lou Kolker (soloist)
  7. Janie Kempner Daniels(Mrs K)


Cake-serves 200 with WHS logo custom made and donated by Lynn Loomis

1. Lynn Loomis (BIG THANK YOU)  

2. TVCC banquet staff will cut and distribute.



Recruiters (a BIG thanks to those who have been spreading the word and getting a good turn out)

  1. Linda Monty Herr (
  2. Butch Smith (Facebook)
  3. Cindy Crown Flaspohler- (’69 class list)
  4. Pat Kaun- (64, 66 and beyond!!)
  5. Lenny Levy (67)


Slide show-

  1. Diana Smith Quinlan
  2. Ansley Ward


Name tag photo finders


63/64/66- Pat Walton Kaun

65- Diana Smith

67- Lenny Levy, Carol Lettieri

68- Hank Gundlach

69- Cindy Crown  


THANKS TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS- You are what will make this evening so special. If others would like to volunteer, please see the survey below, or email me directly.....Blessings, see you in October!   Diana







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1)   * Would you like to volunteer to serve on any of the following committees? We have reached our quota for volunteers as Greeters and Registration Table, THANK YOU But there are still many areas where we need volunteers. We will guide you, just need some extra hands to help us gather the appropriate decorations/favors/prizes also to plan some activities like dance contests, karaoke challenge!

  Set up (Saturday afternoon, 5-6 pm)
  Activities (dance contests, prizes, special events)
  Silent Auction for Joni & Friends
  TRIVIA-"Where or Who are YOU?"