Faculty and Class Memories

Please post photos and stories about your favorite faculty, specific class memories and times that stuck out as sentinel events that may have impacted your future. 

For example, "Where were you when you heard President Kennedy had been shot?"

I was in Ms Albaugh's chemistry class when the announcement came over the intercom. The gasp in the room was very audible, we all looked at each other in disbelief, some started praying as we all hoped "shot" didn't mean dead. No one could concentrate, all our thoughts were with Jackie and how this horrible thing could happen. I think more than anything, this was the end of our innocence. 



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1)   Who was your favorite faculty member and why? (also sign YOUR name/class year)

2)   Where was your favorite place to go after school? Did you have a favorite hangout with friends?

3)   Does anyone remember the theme and group that played at your Senior Prom?? (add your name and class year please with answer)

4)   What was your favorite thing (or ride) at Gwynn Oak Amusement Park? Did you ever ice skate on the pond in Woodlawn, who remembers the swans? Share your stories about these two places.

5)   Did you drive (or ride) to school in your own (or a friends) car? What do you remember about the car, model, color, year, anything special about it? Did you have a pet name for your car? Where was your favorite place to go in the car (drive-in movies, etc.) (no back seat stories please!)

6)   Who spent "date nights" driving the newly opened Beltway because it was the best road for driving fast? What were your other favorite dating places?

7)   Are there any classmates that stand out in your recall and why? (Funny, athletic, "a hunk or a babe," super talented, very smart, always friendly, etc.)